Last “long” run before the half


Post-run coffee is the best.

Today I headed out for 6 miles — my last long group run before Cellcom Green Bay. It’s weird to even call 6 miles a long run at this point. Just a month ago, I was so intimidated about running that distance, and now it feels like an easy out and back run. It’s weird how mentality changes during training.

I was not into running this morning. I slothed my way to the meeting point, and kept to myself during stretches. I was grateful when my running buddy, Amanda, showed up with her cheerful self. It took about the first 1.5 mile for me to stop looking at my watch wishing for the run to be over. I just wasn’t feeling it. Everything felt fine, I just wasn’t in a running mood.

But like always, once Amanda and I got to chatting and laughing, the run flew by. It was cold this morning but there was no wind and LOTS of sunshine. I’m so glad I forced myself to go to the run.

Now I feel like I’ve done all I can do at this point in my training. Only one more run on Wednesday before the big day. I’m starting to get really nervous — which is also making me nervous. I don’t want to syke myself out. I need to remember I’m light years ahead of where I was when this training program started at the end of February.

Bring on Cellcom!


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