Legs are revolting against running

Running and I are going through a tough time right now. Ever since my half, I’ve struggled so much. I don’t have that excitement or enjoyment in running right now. I did my first real run since the half this past Thursday. It was only 3 miles but my legs were tight, calves were sore, and my overall mentality sucked. I felt pretty discouraged after the run. Then today, I had my first summer training run. Another bad one.

Legs just don’t want to run. They felt like lead. At about a mile, I had to stop to stretch my left calf. It was so tight and sore. The full bladder didn’t help take my mind away from how uncomfortable I felt. Thankfully, we found port-a-potties about a mile later. That helped the comfort level a tad.

We were running one of my favorite — among many — Madison running routes: The Capitol Lake Loop around Lake Monona. It’s a super easy route but my legs did not want to be running, which lead to my mind feeling discouraged and longing for the happy running feeling. It never showed.

As we were about 2 miles from the end of our route, we saw lightning in the distance. Nothing makes you kick your butt in gear than seeing lightning — especially as you’re running around a lake.

This afternoon I stopped in Fleet Feet to get new shoes. I think a bit part of my leg pain is my shoes have about 300 miles on them. I was so grateful to Curtis who helped me find a new pair of shoes, rolled out my tight calves, showed me how to care for those issues, and most importantly reminded me that I am coming off of a half marathon. He told me I completed a big accomplishment and I should be proud. Then he told me it’s OK to take some time to recover — to not feel guilty about not running right now if my legs aren’t into it.

I also really appreciated him telling me how different that race was compared to our training. Almost every long run we did during training took place in 30 degree weather. Then on race day, my body had to run 13 miles in 70+ temps and humidity. And it was hard as hell.

I’m grateful for his pep talk. It was what I needed to hear right now. Running is HARD.