Running is a fickle b*&$%

Do you ever stop having self-doubt as a runner? Does that exist?

This morning, I logged into Dailymile to see what my mileage was for May. Forty-six miles. So with that, I decided four easy miles were the plan today so that I could have another 50 mile month. But then my legs and the dog had different plans.

My shins started acting up as did my right Achilles when we hit the first mile mark. My Achilles started to hurt at the end of the half last week, and now seems to be a thing. Seems like it’s probably a good time to get some new shoes; I’m probably close to 300 miles since I bought them last year.

I was going to push through it since I was only doing four miles, but then I looked down at my pup. She was HOT. It was hot and humid out and her tongue was showing me she was feeling it. I was worried that if she was this hot after only a mile, how was she going to do three more. That’s when I decided between my legs/Achilles and my girl, we should just walk the mile back. Sometimes, it’s just not time for a run.

But once I got back, I felt pretty disappointed in my legs. Why can’t they do more? Why do they have to get shin splints? Why isn’t running easy? How was I able to run 13 miles last week, and struggle to do 1 mile today?

Running is one fickle bitch and I can’t figure her out. Is this always the case, or will I eventually understand it?


One thought on “Running is a fickle b*&$%

  1. Renee says:

    Recovery takes all of us a different amount of time. This was your first 13.1. Your body may have been telling you it wasn’t ready to run again. Bad/disappointing runs are just part of it. It sucks, but it happens to everyone.

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