First Long Run PR!

This past Saturday was the Lake Monona 20K race. Last year, that race was the worst. I struggled from first step to the final step. However, this race was much different. I went out a bit fast — faster than I should have. I started off running with friends Kate and Jaime. But after mile 2, I realized I could keep up that pace for long. So I slowed back and ended up finding Kristin and Anne Marie. They were doing intervals: 4 min run, 1 min walk. I ran with them at this tempo until we hit the massive wind at mile 6. Yikes that wind off the lake! I took it easy at this point, and got my speed back up around 6.5 to mile 8.

It was here that my feet started to hurt. They hurt with each pound on the pavement. I was struggling. Instead of walking which I wanted to do, I’d run then walk for a moment to give my feet reprieve and then run again. It was a tough few miles from 8-11. I’m not sure if this means I’m in need of new shoes but I’m leaning that way.

My legs felt great, my pace felt great and my mind was in the perfect space for most of the race. If I hadn’t had issues with the pain in my feet, the end of the race would have gone a lot better. My half is in two weeks and I want a good experience. My first and only half was last year and it was awful. I want a redo. And I think I’m ready. I just need to figure out the feet issue.

I had a 6 minute PR on this race.

I’m so very proud of that. I went into this race preparing to DNF. My foot was really sore after my 10 miler a few weeks ago and I have been struggling with it since. But I was pleasantly surprised. The weather was perfect: 50ish, sunny and not a cloud in the sky.

Drinking PBR at mile 9! Woop!

The moments when the voice in my head was wishing I was closer to the end, I would look around and remind myself to enjoy the scenery (Thanks, Collin!). It is beautiful to look across the lake and see the Capitol. I love this city. Running really does teach you to enjoy the journey. One foot in front of the other.

Not only did I PR, but my pacing was going great. My pace was a good minute or more than I’ve been doing in training. I wasn’t forcing it. It actually felt good to be at that pace. I was proud of that.

I’ve really been putting in the work between the weekend long runs. And Saturday’s race showed me the results. While I am still a little disappointed in my time knowing it could have been better if I hadn’t had issues with my feet, I am proud of what I did accomplish. Running is such a mind game.

I signed up for a membership at the work weight room that starts next week and I’m excited to turn my focus to strength/weight training. I’ve been doing strength training a few nights a week the past two weeks. Hoping that an increased focus on strength will help with my speed and muscle.