Starting Over: Forward Is A Pace

I fell off the blogging train. My legs ended up needing about four weeks to recover from my half, and then when I did start training again, I ended up tearing my tendon. I sprained my ankle at the end of my 8 mile run at the beginning of July. It didn’t even hurt when it happened. Never turned black and blue. Never got swollen. Just hurt 24 hours after it happened. I took a few weeks off, got evaluated by sports medicine doctor who determined I sprained my ankle.

My goal race was the Madison Mini. The whole reason I wanted to do a half in 2016. I ended up having to go down to the 5K. Which now looking back, I shouldn’t have even done that. My ankle hurt so much after that short run. I took a break from running until October. Tried to run at the beginning of Oct and it still hurt. That’s when I figured something more had to be going on. Sport medicine doctor agreed and scheduled me for an MRI. And the result was a frayed peroneal tendon. It was bad enough to need to stop running, but not bad enough to require surgery. Yet. The plan was to take a break from running or any intensive activity until Feb and see if it will heal on its own.

I’ve been walking a mile or so on my lunch breaks at work as a way to work my way back to running. I decided to try out a run today to see if my ankle was healing. Read: I really REALLY don’t want ankle surgery.

Today was myimg_20170122_131459827 first run since all of that business. One mile out non stop. I ran the whole mile PAIN FREE. I didn’t know that was possible. I can’t remember the last time a mile didn’t hurt. My stamina is definitely not there and I’m definitely frustrated with that. I know I gotta give myself time to get back to it but it’s so hard to see where I was and now struggling to run 2 miles.

I alternated walk/running for the mile back and I did experience some pain. Now sitting on the couch an hour later, my ankle is definitely sore. I don’t want to push it but I also really miss running. I want to be able to do Fleet Feet’s spring training again. I signed up for the Madeline Island Half as a way to redeem my first half experience. That is May 20th.

My goal is Feb. 1 to see how my ankle feels and know if it’s possible to sign up for the spring training. Trying really hard to be patient.






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